Dermatological Conditions

Salt therapy helps to cleanse and purify the skin by removing bacteria and oils while reducing inflammation and boosting regeneration

Salt therapy provides healing and cosmetic benefits to both skin and hair. The micro-fine salt particles deposited on the skin act to reduce inflammation and bacterial growth. The salt works as a gentle exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and stimulating skin regeneration. The antihistamine properties of the salt reduce allergic reactions within the skin and so minimise or even eliminate any allergic outbreak. 

Salt therapy boosts the skin's protective properties and regulates superficial autoflora composition (the good bacteria on our skin). Salt normalises skin Ph levels and stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin, increases skin turgor (elasticity) and improves hair health.

Salt therapy has a positive influence on skin micro-circulation. Also, by improving airflow in the respiratory system, the treatment increases oxygen levels in the blood which in turn improves the skin's subcutaneous layer.

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