Salt therapy is a highly effective, drug free treatment for a wide range of respiratory and dermatological conditions. The treatment available at our centre is the most effective form of dry salt aerosol therapy available in the UK.

There are two treatment rooms in our centre. The adult salt room can seat up to ten people and is designed to maximise your relaxation during a session. Comfortable chairs and footstools give you a chance to put your feet up and enjoy the hour. The temperature is maintained at between 21-25 degrees and blankets are provided should you need a bit more warmth. The lights are dimmed during the session and ambient sound adds to the serenity of the salt room. You may find you'll want to have a nap. That's fine by us as it doesn't affect the treatment.

The kids salt room is entirely different. As any children need to be supervised during a session, the room can take a maximum of 8 children. The room is kid-friendly with lightweight chairs that they can move around to find their spot. Music and cartoons will catch their attention and we also provide toys and games to occupy them. If they would prefer to read, we can provide ear defenders to let the shut out the noise and concentrate on their stories. For the supervising adults, more comfy chairs and a salt session of their own at no extra cost.

The salt rooms are specially designed and constructed to maintain an aseptic environment and the treatment cycle includes the air in the salt room being completely exchanged at the end of each session. Because the treatment involves only salt, you should experience no side effects and it is entirely safe for pregnant women and children over the age of six months. Clients are advised to drink plenty of water both before and after a treatment to remain properly hydrated.

Both our treatment rooms are equipped with the Breeze Tronic Pro Medical Halogenerator developed by Salt Cave. A halogenerator is a device that recreates the natural salt cave micro-climate. The Breeze Tronic Pro is the most advanced device of its kind in the world. It uses sophisticated software to control the concentration of salt in the treatment room in conjunction with laser sensors that monitor the micro-climate it creates. This system was used in an NHS pilot study in 2011 resulting in halotherapy being recognised as a treatment for COPD.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of a trip to a salt room though. You don't have to suffer from a chronic condition for salt therapy to be right for you. Salt therapy is a great way to boost your immune system, improve the quality of your sleep, increase your cardiovascular performance, improve the health and appearance of your skin or reduce anxiety through relaxation. 

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