Salt Therapy for Hay-fever

Posted by Deborah on February 17, 2016

Salt therapy for Hay-fever 



 If you have been following our recent articles on Hayfever you will have noticed us mention using Salt therapy as an aid to hay-fever symptoms. Salt therapy is a completely natural and safe therapy, is clinically proven as a treatment for people of all ages. Treating hay-fever with visits to a Salt Cave with have an immediate effect and can also help to reduce how frequently these symptoms occur. 

How will salt Therapy help?

Salt is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory so as the salt particles enter our body they cleanse the respiratory system and eliminate toxins. Inflammation is reduced and leads to widening of the airway passages. This acts as a natural decongestant, freeing blockages, shifting mucous and rapidly eliminates allergens. Helping to alleviate sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath. As well a reduction in annoying symptoms such as puffy, itchy eyes.

 Salt literally helps to remove pathogen agents, i.e. airborne pollen from the airways. The pollen in your system is what is causing your symptoms so by removing this you also remove your symptoms. It reduces the IgE levels in your body, which is the antibody that is involved with allergic reactions.

 Symptoms can be eliminated on a long term basis as salt therapy creates a hypo-sensitising effect, which means the body becomes less sensitive to the substance producing the allergic reaction and has an immunomodulating effect. It strengthens the immune system which decreases the allergic reaction you have to pollen. 

 If you find attending a Salt Cave isn't always convenient, you can look into investing in a Salt Pipe to continue treating yourself at home. Just breathing from your Salt Pipe for a few minutes a day, the air if purified as it draws over the salt crystals. Allowing you to penetrate your lungs with the Salt Particles much like when you breathe in during your session as a Salt Cave. Whilst it can be used as an effective treatment with similar effect, it is obviously much more effective to attend full salt therapy sessions. Please take a take a look at our previous blog on Salt Pipes for further information on what is available at Salann.

 As salt therapy is a completely safe, drug free, therapy it can be used along with your other medication or as a sole treatment. This is entirely up to the person seeking treatment, and will likely be determined by the severity of their symptoms. When used as a complimentary treatment it can even increase the effectiveness of your already prescribed medication. And, in time, even allow you to reduce your medication intake. 

 It is always important to remember that whilst one solution may be working for you now, allergies are prone to change so we always advise reviewing your treatment methods. If you are unsure always ask for further information from, both, us at Salann and your GP. We have learnt throughout this series of blogs that whilst it is not quite Hayfever season yet, there are several things you could be doing now to get your symptoms under control in time. That includes considering using salt therapy before the allergens have already began to take effect.

 If you wish to find out more information on how Salt Therapy can work for you please give us a call on 0141 212 8700.