Salt Therapy and Winter Illness

Posted by Deborah on October 15, 2015


 As the temperature begins to drop and winter draws close, we come to the time of year when Colds and Flus begin to spread. Thousands of people in the UK will catch an array of nasty bugs, that are especially severe during the colder months. There is no set cure to help you get rid of these illnesses. Drugs and rest are recommended to ease the symptoms, however measure’s can be made to avoid being continuously affected.  

 Salt Therapy is a natural, non invasive, and proven remedy that can relieve and even help you to get rid of the symptoms of colds and flu’s. This is especially of interest to those who suffer from various respiratory diseases and problems such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis and cystic fibrosis to name a few. Our treatments can significantly improve the symptoms of these on a long term basis. Also, preventing colds and flu’s is essential and can have detrimental effects on your already existing problems.


 The salt treatment can clear nasal congestions, sinus headaches and irritating coughs. This is because the treatment rooms exercise the use of fine Salts filling the air of our therapy rooms, allowing them to be inhaled easily and effortlessly. This will open the nasal airways, kill bacteria, and assist in the clearing of sinuses. It will relieve chest congestions due to the salt clearing the lungs, allowing you to breath easier. Whilst this may sound unusual to those of you who are not familiar with Salt therapy centres. Our treatment rooms are inviting and relaxing so a wonderful stress free experience for any individual.

All of this taken into account, Salt treatment can not only help you be rid of nasty bugs, but it can also prevent their return and protect you from common colds and flus all year round. Over time you can find that you can reduce any use of self medication for these ailments.

 As a long term benefits, this treatment could also prevent lung disease by helping clear existing mucus and protect the lungs. 

We have discussed before that our treatment rooms are also effective in relieving stress. Do you know that stress can weaken the immune system? Your sessions with us can help prevent this from happening, and even help you shake those winter blues.

 Get in touch with us today, book a free consultation and you can even enjoy your first session free.