The benefits of Salt Lamps

Posted by Deborah on November 27, 2015

Salt Lamps



 Salt lamps are not a new product. They have been available for quite some time in several forms. Some electrical and others take the form of a candle holder, projecting the glow from candle light. The lamps are natural, shaped from rocks made from Crystals which are approximately 250 million years old. As the crystals are mined, they come in various shapes colours and sizes. The colours can range from vibrant pinks to peaches and whites. 

 Why are Salt Lamps Beneficial?

  In a modern world full of various electrical devices, we find ourselves surrounded by what is sometimes referred to as an 'Elecetrical Smog'. This smog is, more accurately, what is known as positive ions. They contaminate the environment around us, the air and atmosphere in rooms. These positive ions are mainly produced by computer monitors, television sets, microwave ovens, cigarette smoke and event tumble dryers and vacuums.

 Scientific research proves that our environment should contain around 1000-1500 negative ions per cm3. This can sometimes be reduced to as little as 200 negative ions per cm3. When the atmosphere is like this it can have a negative effect on both our physical and emotional state. 

Salt Lamps produce a natural source of clean fresh air and healthy, negative ions. The use of Salt Lamps will restore and neutralise the air quality and act as an ioniser. Airing rooms regularly and Air Ionizers are also other effective methods of combating this problem.

 As well as being a natural method of air ionisation, the Salt lamps also remove dust, pollen and smoke from the air. They do this by attracting water molecules from surrounding environments, as well as foreign particles. The cleansed water particles are then evaporated and negative ions are created. Being effective in removing dust, pollen, pet dander, mld and the likes means that having one of these in your home and lead to serious reductions in allergy symptoms and respiratory conditions. Even Asthma sufferers could see a huge difference in their general health.

 If you wish to enhance these effects you could also try pairing your lamp with an air purifying plant such as aloe vera, spider plant or peace lily etc. 

 Generating all these negative ions into your home or workplace can lift your mood and help you to relax. The lamps are said to boost serotonin levels and leave us with booth increased energy levels and reduced fatigue. Its warm glow is said to be highly effective prevention of seasonal effective disorder. 

At Salann we now provide a fantastic range of salt lamps to suit all requirements and budgets, available to buy in our centre at your convenience. You can choose one of our more natural shaped crystals, or even choose a beautifully sculpted lamp to suit your personal taste. Please enquire in store or online for further information.