About us

Salann Halotherapy is the first centre of its kind in Glasgow and only the second in the whole of Scotland.

The company is owned and operated by a husband and wife team from Glasgow, Graham and Ashley McFarlane. 

Graham has had asthma his whole life and has been hospitalised several times by the condition. He also suffers from hayfever, sinusitis and obstructive sleep apnoea. As a child, he had persistent eczema which at one stage also required hospital treatment. Graham uses salt therapy to help treat his health problems and although he is still medicated for his conditions, he has enjoyed a significant improvement as a result of this addition.

Ashley also suffers from a number of respiratory issues, including hayfever and non-allergic rhinitis, and is prone to chest infections, being hospitalised with pneumonia in 2012. She had great difficulties with her rhinitis while pregnant in 2011 as she could not take medication to control the symptoms. She hopes that if she is pregnant again she will be able to use salt therapy to stop these symptoms from reoccuring.

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